Affiliate Disclaimer

This website is about reviews and recommendations for home appliances such as vacuum cleaners and cordless vacuums.

We make personal recommendations on what vacuum we feel is the best in certain situations. From time to time we link to other websites for you to purchase the product we are reviewing. If you go on to purchase from that website we are paid a commission, this is known as an affiliate commission.

You’re under no obligation to buy anything from any vendor at any time. The links are there purely as a convenience and a way to help us recuperate our costs of hosting and running the website.

Our affiliate of choice is Amazon. We use Amazon because, in our experience, they nearly always have the best prices for the items we are recommending and their customer service is extremely consumer-centric. This means that if you have the smallest of issue then Amazon will be on the case to sort it out for you with the retailer.

If you have any questions about affiliates please get in touch.