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No one enjoys vacuuming, but the biggest frustration has to be messing about with the power cord. The answer is to get yourself a cordless vacuum. Moving from one plug socket to another is a pain. Having to unravel and then ravel the cord back up is annoying. Snagging the power cord under doors and round corners drives me crazy. Time to get yourself a cordless vacuum cleaner. Here we’ll be looking at and reviewing the best cordless vacuums on the market today.

Best cordless vacuums

So what cordless vacuum cleaners are available and which is the best? Well that’s an extremely difficult question to answer. There are a large number of cordless vacuum cleaners available on the market. We have worked hard to collate everything we know about cordless vacuums into one place, and give you our opinions on them all. We’ll talk through Dyson’s offerings, Bosch's cordless vacuums, Vax’s cordless products and some of the newer players such a G-Tech with their AirRam series.

A selection of cordless vacuums.
A selection of cordless vacuums.

Our cordless vacuum reviews and guides

There are a lot more cordless vacuums available on the market than the ones we have reviewed, however we are only going over the best cordless vacuums. Our comprehensive buyer’s guide is kept up to date and as new models are released we’ll be certain to update the guide and review the products. We have access to all of the main products and use them on a near daily basis, so our guides and reviews aren’t based off first impressions. We know these vacuums very well, and more importantly know all of the nuisances that only develop after weeks of using them!

Our cordless vacuum guides and reviews don’t just cover upright vacuum cleaners. We’ll be reviewing and sharing our thoughts on all of the products that are available, including small cost-effective handheld vacuum cleaners like the Vax Gator. Cordless uprights like the G-Tech AirRam. As well as the most expensive Dysons. All of these cordless vacuums have advantages and disadvantages over others and you may find yourself torn between a few of them. If that is the case please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re always happy to help and will provide you with impartial advice on the best cordless vacuums available.

Some key information to consider when purchasing your cordless vacuum is as follows.

How important is your vacuum’s battery life?

With cordless vacuum cleaner, especially if they haven’t owned one before, people can get quite caught up about battery life. For some people, this is a genuine concern, but for others they may be throwing away good money.

Cordless vacuum battery life is an important factor
Cordless vacuum battery life is an important factor

Cordless vacuum battery life

One of the most expensive parts of the best cordless vacuum cleaners is the battery. Some batteries last an hour, others 20 minutes, and I know people who have made their decision on which to buy based just on this figure, but it’s often silly to do so.

Next time you do a full-house vacuum just time exactly how long it takes. Unless you have a huge house it’s unlikely to take over 20 minutes, and can often take just 10 minutes or less. So why do you need a 60 minute battery?

Don’t be too fool-hardy with it though. Remember that just like all battery-operated pieces of kit the performance of the cordless vacuums can start to dwindle as battery life runs low. At 25 minutes into a 30 minute battery you aren’t going to be getting the suction you were in the first 5 minutes. Longevity is also very important. Cordless vacuum cleaners are normally long term purchases that you keep for years. Batteries worsen over time, so you won’t be getting 60 minutes of run time after 2 years of use.

Vacuum suction

Obviously one of the key factors is the power your vacuum can suck at, but don’t use it as the be-all-and-end-all. I have used a huge amount of vacuums over the years and you might be surprised to find that the best cordless vacuums don’t necessarily have the best suction.

Don’t get me wrong, suction is important, but purely sucking on a section of carpet, especially if it’s thick pile carpet with animal hair in it, won’t do you much good. For that you need something to attack the carpet – a brushed spindle. I have used vacuums before that have been so powerful they have lifted the carpet itself from the floor, but a low-powered Dyson Animal did a much better job.

Suction is also the biggest drain on the battery. Many of the best cordless vacuum manufacturers deliberately lower the suction of their cordless vacs to increase battery life.

Noise level

As mentioned already, cordless vacuums generally have lower suction power than a normal upright vacuum cleaner in order to preserve battery power. Don’t be fooled though, that doesn’t mean they don’t clean as well. Lower suction also means less noise.

Noise is something that is very often over-looked when buying a cordless vacuum cleaner. Often the first time you even think about noise levels is when you use your vacuum cleaner for the first time.

If you live in a flat/apartment, or have young children then the noise level is certainly to be considered. All of our reviewed cordless vacuum cleaners have the noise level quoted in dB. To give some examples, a loud thunderclap from a storm directly above you it around 120 dB. A diesel lorry going passed at 40 mph is about 80 dB. A conversation in a restaurant is around 60 dB. 80 dB is around twice as loud as 70 dB.

Pet Friendly

If you have haired pets, such as a dog or a cat, it’s very important to buy a pet friendly cordless vacuum. These vacuums are specifically designed and tested to ensure they pick up animal hair as best as possible.

Pet-friendly vacuums typically come with tools and attachments to more easily pick up pet hair.

Best cordless vacuum for you

When reading our extensive reviews please remember that there is no catch all ‘best cordless vacuum’ for every one. Each vacuum we have reviewed is excellent for different reasons. Some people want amazing battery life. Others need something that will get the cat hair out of their curtains with minimal effort. Be sure to take your time, read the reviews and make an informed choice.

We have created a comprehensive list of buyer's guides for our readers.

These guides aim to look at what consumers generally look for when purchasing a cordless vacuum and then make recommendations based off certain factors.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any ideas or requirements for a cordless vacuum and we will be happy to make a recommendation and will consider writing a buyers guide for it.