Bosch Cordless Vacuum Reviews

Bosch may not be the brand that first comes to mind when you think about cordless vacuums. We have previously reviewed the Dyson cordless vacuums and the Gtech AirRam, which might be names you expect to see in this space.

Well don’t be fooled, because Bosch’s offering is solid, innovative and extremely attractive from a pricing perspective.

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Bosch Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Bosch Cordless Vacuum

So onto the cordless vacuums. There are several models to choose from, all with very technical names. Such as the BCH6PETGB. Not ideal. However, there are other names that are marketed with such as the Bosch Athlet and the Bosch Athlet RunTime.

Bosch cordless vacuums are actually fantastic pieces of equipment. Bosch as a brand has been around for a long time, and they’re a household name, but we don’t associate them with cordless vacuums.

We’ll be looking at the 2 ranges that Bosch manufacture; these are the:

  • Athlet Range
  • Athlet ProAnimal Range

Athlet Range

The Athlet range all look very similar and come in 8 different models. We have tried nearly all of them, and will review each individually on their review pages.

The cordless vacuum itself looks like a traditional upright. There is a long handle/arm, attahced to a bulky centre which then attached to a wide head at the bottom.

The different models in this range differ only slightly, with some of the models having a range of accessories and others having heads for a specific purpose.

Athlet ProAnimal

You can probably guess this but the Athlet ProAnimal range is designed for home owners with pets. The accessories and heads that ship with the Athlet ProAnimal vacuums are designed specifically for dealing with animal hair.

There are only 3 products available in the ProAnimal range and they’re all ‘tornado red’, so you won’t struggle to identify them!

Are Bosch Cordless Vacuums the Right Choice?

The Bosch family of cordless vacuums all come with a few things in common. They look good, and the build quality is good. Battery life was clearly a key factor in these cordless vacuums, as all have a very good life from a charge. All of the cordless vacuums are easy to clean.

Bosch haven’t changed the world with their range of cordless vacuums, but you will get a very solid vacuum from a long-standing brand that uses quality components. If you’re in the market for a cordless vacuum but have no preference or specific requirements then these are certainly worth considering.

Although Bosch haven’t done anything particularly new or groundbreaking with their cordless vacuums, and the features they have added have already done before, the way in which those features have been done is what is impressive.  Tie that into a very attractive price and you have a very competitive product.

Have a read below of the reviews of the two ranges.  Within each review we will go into detail about the various models available.  It’s important to understand the differences between them so you can make an informed purchase.

Bosch Cordless Vacuum Reviews

Rating Model Power Battery Run Time Charge Time Weight Capacity Noise Level Pet Friendly Additional Tools Price
90% Bosch Athlet ProAnimal Review
Bosch Athlet ProAnimal Review
1800W 60 mins 6 hours 3 KG 0.9 L 72 dB 3

Under £200

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88% Bosch Athlet Review
Bosch Athlet Review
1800W 60 mins 6 hours 3 KG 0.9 L 72 dB 2

Under £165

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* all figures are approximate, you should always check manufacturer quoted figures before purchasing.