Dyson Cordless Vacuum Reviews

Dyson, pretty much unheard of under around the mid-to-late 1990s when their bagless vacuum cleaner really took off.  It started with their DC range of upright vacuum cleaners after James Dyson purchased a hoover that clogged, got messy and lost suction.  We all know James Dyson and the Dyson company as a great British institution for their inventions, especially as they have moved into the blade-less fans and airblade hand dryer.  Of course there’s also the recent hair dryer, but we’ll see how that one goes.  Here we will bring you Dyson cordless vacuum reviews from our independent experts.

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Dyson Cordless Vacuums

But that’s enough about Dyson’s history, let’s get talking about their cordless vacuums.  That’s why we’re here, right?

Dyson Cordless Vacuum Reviews

The first thing you’ll notice about all of the Dyson cordless vacuums is that they are basically handhelds with a long neck.  This design approach is fairly (not completely!) unique as far as cordless vacuums go.  Other manufacturers tend to opt for cordless uprights or cordless handhelds, but very rarely do you get a combination of the two.  Dyson at it again, it seems.

We have got some Dyson cordless vacuum reviews on every cordless model at the bottom of this page.

Goodbye Upright?

Well, the Dyson cordless vacuums certainly pack a punch but the best part is their mobility.  People are used to large uprights with hose attachments for their stairs, upholstery or corners.  Some of us even have a second handheld ready to go for a quick blast in the corners or the hard-to-reach areas.  This is probably what Dyson were thinking when they designed their cordless vacuums.  A couple of quick snaps and button presses and your upright disappears and a handheld materialises.  Even better though, is that your handheld packs the same suction as your upright… as it’s the exact same vacuum.

The design of these cordless beauties also makes them extremely agile.  These things are light.  At just 2.1kg, the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum is easy to throw around, carry upstairs and glide round corners.  That’s about the same weight as 4 cans of soup.

Well that’s brilliant, right?  Well, yes and no.  It all comes at a bit of a price.  The suction power of your standard Dyson upright is about 120AW.  The suction of a cordless is 28AW(!!) in normal mode, but does bump up to 100AW in MAX mode.  MAX mode is exactly what it sounds like; flick a switch and everything gets very excited, but you’ll only get a few minutes of battery time in this mode.  That’s not much of an issue, as you can just use it for troublesome areas; most of the time normal mode does suffice.

That is one small cordless vacuum!

Yes, yes it is.  You’ve got the agility of a mop, which is great.  There’s an upright that transfers into a handheld in a couple of seconds with amazing suction.  But what’s the main downside of a handheld vacuum cleaner?

The bin size.

The Dyson’s differ slightly in size but you’re looking at about half a litre of dust in that bin before it needs emptying.  Compare that to the equivalent Dyson upright which is a whopping 2.1 litres.  Don’t let this put you off though, as emptying a cordless Dyson vacuum is about as simple as it can be, and the whole thing is so light and nimble, it’s not like you have to lug an upright to the bin every time.  I have a black Labrador, and he does nothing but shed his coat all year round in my house, which is full of cream carpets.  I can easily do multiple rounds with one of these Dyson cordless vacuums before it needs emptying, so most of you shouldn’t need to worry.

Have a look at the Dyson cordless vacuum reviews at the bottom of this page.

Get your charge on

My favourite thing about the Dyson cordless vacuums is probably the charger.  I’ve owned a few cordless vacuums over the years and with nearly every one I would forget to charge it.  The Dyson makes that much less of an issue as it comes with a wall-mounted charger.

Simply mount the charge station on the wall, and plug it in.  To charge the Dyson you literally just slot it into the mount and it will sit there charging.  Once fully charged (varies between models, but roughly 3.5 hours) the charge station goes idle to prevent over charging and wasting electricity.

Check out our Dyson cordless vacuum reviews below.

Dyson Cordless Vacuum Reviews

Rating Model Power Battery Run Time Charge Time Weight Capacity Noise Level Pet Friendly Additional Tools Price
92% Dyson V8 Review
Dyson V8 Review
28AW / 115AW 40 mins 5 hours 2.55 KG 0.54 L 85 dB 2

Under £350

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91% Dyson V6 Review
Dyson V6 Review
28AW/100AW (in MAX mode) 20 mins 3.5 hours 2.1 KG 0.4 L 148 dB 2

Under £218

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89% Dyson V7 Review
Dyson V7 Review
21AW normal / 100AW max 30 mins 3.5 hours 2.32 KG 0.54 L 85 dB 2

Under £370

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* all figures are approximate, you should always check manufacturer quoted figures before purchasing.