Dyson V7 Review

Dyson V7 Review


  • ✔️ Quieter than the V6
  • ✔️ More suction than the V6
  • ✔️ Longer batter life
  • ✔️ Larger dust bin


  • ❌ Expensive
  • ❌ No extra power for your money

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The Dyson V7 cordless vacuum is the model up from the Dyson V6, and the model down from the Dyson V8. We recently wrote a Dyson V6 cordless vacuum review in great detail.

If you're at all undecided about which Dyson cordless vacuum to go for then I strongly encourage you to read the V6 review before making any purchase.

The Dyson V7 takes what the V6 had and improved on it; adding a larger dust bin and longer battery life. These are the two biggest complaints of the Dyson V6. There are 3 different models of the Dyson V7 available, which are all extremely similar. Just like the V6, the V7 models all differ based on their bundled attachments.


Performance is key for the Dyson V7 cordless vacuum as it built upon the fantastic Dyson V6.  All of the available models of the Dyson V7 now include the 75% increase in 'brush bar power'.

Dyson brush bar
Dyson brush bar

What is brush bar power?  Most vacuums work by spinning something with bristles against a surface, this is called the brush bar.  The brush bar is put under quite a bit of friction when it spins; it's brushing against a carpet in one direction and the suction of the vacuum is also pulling on it, slowing it down.  More brush bar power means the brush bar can rotate with more force.  This is not to be confused with spinning faster (although it probably does), instead it spins with more force, like torque on a car. Having a good brush bar power output is important when you have high pile carpets or stubborn pet hair, as it can often slow the brush bar down considerably.

Design and Features

The design of the V7 is almost identical to the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum that we reviewed recently.  The key differences with the design are that the main unit is slightly larger than the V6. The larger unit means that the Dyson V7 has a larger dust bin capacity at 0.54L (up from 0.4L on the V6) and a longer battery life at 30 mins run time (up from 20 mins on the V6).  Interestingly the charge time of 3.5 hours remains the same across both models. Beyond that the features mostly lie with the various attachments that are available with the different V7 models.  A new mini soft dusting brush has been introduced and the direct-drive cleaner heads are slightly different with each model too. One of the best new features with the Dyson V7 though is the noise reduction.  The Dyson team have worked very hard on minimising the sound output of the device.  Previously, the Dyson V6 was at a whopping 150dB (that's loud!), but that has been slashed with the V7 coming in at just 85dB.


The Dyson V7 cordless vacuums all weigh the same regardless of the model you choose.  The new Dyson V7 does weigh slightly more than the Dyson V6 though. In our tests the difference in weight is barely noticeable, especially because you hold the unit so close to you when using it. The additional weight comes about due to a slightly more powerful motor that is used to drive the various heads that can be attached, along with a larger dust bin and bigger battery.  Personally I think the extra weight is worth it for the additional battery life alone.

Battery Life

Battery life has improved from the previous model (the V6).  We've gone from 20 mins with the V6 up to 30 mins with the V7. If you choose to use the Dyson V7 in Max mode, which increases the power the motor outputs, your run time reduces to 6 mins.  Max mode should only really be used for working troublesome areas of carpet, so it should only be on in short bursts.

Dyson V7 Motorhead

Dyson V7 Motorhead
Dyson V7 Motorhead

The first of the 3 Dyson V7 models available is the Dyson V7 Motorhead.  Coming in a very dashing metallic pink colour, the Dyson V7 Motorhead comes with the standard V7 75% increased brush bar power and 50% noise reduction. The direct-drive cleaner head the device ships with is similar to that on the V6.  The Motorhead also comes with the rigid crevice tool and combination tool, which is standard across the full Dyson cordless range. Of course you'll also find the convenient docking station in the box too. The Dyson V7 Motorhead comes in at £370.

Dyson V7 Animal

Dyson V7 Animal
Dyson V7 Animal

Similar to the Dyson V6 Animal in pretty much every way, with the exception of the standard V7 features.  Those features are of course the 50% sound reduction and increased brush bar power. In addition to the standard features of the V7 the Animal cordless also ships with a mini soft dusting brush, which is a tool that none of the previous models come in.  The soft dusting brush is ideal for dusting light surfaces with, such as keyboards, lampshades, desks and even TV tops. The Dyson Animal is more expensive than the Motorhead at around £420.

Dyson V7 Total Clean

Dyson V7 Total Clean
Dyson V7 Total Clean

The last of the Dyson V7 cordless models is the Dyson V7 Total Clean.  The Total Clean is similar to the V6 version in look, but comes with the already discussed V7 features. With it being a Total Clean model you get an array of tools and attachment in the box.  These include the soft roller cleaner head, mini motorised tool, combination tool and rigid crevice tool.  You also get the mini soft dusting brush, which is only found in the V7 Animal, not in any of the V6 models. The Dyson V7 Total Clean comes in at a whopping £450.

Dyson V7 Review

The Facts

Power 21AW normal / 100AW max
Battery Run Time 30 minutes
Charge Time 3 hours
Weight 2.32KG
Capacity/Dust Box 0.54 Litres
Noise Level 85 dB
Good for Pets? ✔️
Additional Tools 2

The Ratings








All round, the Dyson V7 is an incredible cordless vacuum. Should you buy one?

The noise reduction is very impressive. Dyson are claiming the reduction to be around 50%, and I would probably agree with that having tested them side by side.

You now have some extra room in the dust bin, and an extra 10 minutes of battery life. The dust bin capacity isn’t too noticeable and I must admit to never really struggling with the V6’s capacity. The battery can certainly help though, particularly if you have a large house or one with lots of nooks that takes longer than most to get clean.

All in all though, the price hike from the V6 is quite large, so unless the above points are crucial to you my advice would be to go with the V6. Interested in the V6? I’d suggest reading our Dyson V6 cordless vacuum review.