Gtech Cordless Vacuum Reviews

Gtech are newcomers on the cordless vacuum market.  Founded in 2001 by Nick Grey (‘Gtech’ stands for ‘Grey Technologies’), they began life building sweepers, and then moved onto gardening tools and lawnmowers.  Here we’ll be showing you our Gtech cordless vacuum reviews.

More recently, though, Gtech have taken to cordless vacuum cleaners and have made quite an impact.  In 2012 Gtech launches the Airram, their first cordless vacuum cleaner, to the mass market.  Originally only available from John Lewis, the vacuum quickly became a huge success.

Now on the second generation, the mk2, the Gtech Airram and sister product the Gtech Airram K9 are one of, if not the best cordless vacuum cleaners available.

Gtech don’t just do cordless vacuums though.  Their forte is any device that can work better battery powered, so that includes lawnmowers, sweepers, handheld vacuums, and even bikes.

Why Cordless?

Cordless vacuum cleaners are so much easier to work with.  No cables, no wires and no snagging.  Historically there would have been no way that something as power-hungry as a vacuum cleaner could have become cordless, but with battery technology getting better and better that is now far less of an issue.

Unlike other cordless vacuums Gtech’s offering doesn’t let us on suction.  The battery is solid and lasts longer than you might expect.  Best of all, it’s light.  At around 3 kg the Gtech cordless vacuums are quick, agile and nimble.

Space Friendly Cordless Vacuum

Gtech AirRam Charger

You may have noticed from our Dyson cordless vacuum reviews that many cordless vacuums charge in a dock.  While this is a great idea on the face of it, many of us don’t have somewhere that we can place a dock on the wall.  This is particularly important when you think that it needs to be near a power socket.

The Gtech AirRam’s come with a small power docking station.  You can remove the battery from your cordless vacuum and plug it into the little dock, which then plugs into the wall.

With a 4-hour charge under its belt, the battery is a really solid performer.  The charge takes about 4 hours.

The beauty of this approach is really with the longevity.  With a cordless vacuum cleaner like the Dyson you can’t replace the battery, or carry a spare in case you’re cleaning a large house.  As someone who spends a lot of time cleaning this is pretty crucial for me.  With the Gtech range I am able to buy some spare batteries and carry them around with me if I need them.  Alright, that’s probably quite an unusual requirement, but batteries do degrade over time, so having the ability to replace the battery after a year or so of use will give your Gtech a new lease of life.

Gtech Support

One thing I love about Gtech is their support.  They have a dedicated YouTube channel to support, with tutorials on how to repair and maintain their products.  There is also a Gtech support Twitter feed, which is reasonably active.

Although I have never really had to use many support channels from Gtech it’s nice to know they’re there.  There’s something nice about dealing directly with the manufacturer, and Gtech seem to genuinely care about their customers and products.

Check out our Gtech cordless vacuum reviews below.

Gtech Cordless Vacuum Reviews

Rating Model Power Battery Run Time Charge Time Weight Capacity Noise Level Pet Friendly Additional Tools Price
91% Gtech AirRam Review
Gtech AirRam Review
100W 40 mins 4 hours 3.5 KG 0.8 L 85 dB 0

Under £200

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88% GTech AirRam K9 Review
GTech AirRam K9 Review
100W 40 mins 4 hours 3.8 KG 0.8 L 85 dB 0

Under £250

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* all figures are approximate, you should always check manufacturer quoted figures before purchasing.