Samsung Jet 75 Review

Samsung Jet 75 Review


  • ✔️ Powerful suction with 200w motor
  • ✔️ Long run time
  • ✔️ Pet tools work well


  • ❌ Expensive
  • ❌ It's a heavy vacuum

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Introducing the Samsung Jet 75 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. Samsung, a brand synonymous with innovation, brings its technological prowess to the forefront with the Jet 75.

Designed to tackle the challenges of pet owners, this vacuum combines a powerful 200W motor with a specialized Turbo Action Brush, ensuring removal of pet hair and debris. Its design and extended 60-minute run time make it convenient choice, making it an essential tool for keeping your home clean and dust-free.

The Samsung Jet 75 cordless vacuum and cleaning station


The Samsung Jet 75 Pet is engineered for powerful and efficient cleaning. Its 200W motor delivers robust suction power, making it highly effective at picking up pet hair, dust, and debris on various surfaces. The vacuum's performance is further enhanced by its "Turbo Action Brush", specifically designed to tackle pet hair, ensuring deep cleaning on carpets and hard floors alike.

Additionally, the Jet 75 maintains consistent suction power throughout its usage, backed by a battery life of up to 60 minutes, providing ample time for thorough cleaning in larger spaces. This combination of power and endurance makes the Jet 75 a reliable tool for keeping homes with pets clean and allergen-free.

Design and Features

The Samsung boasts a sleek and ergonomic design, making it both visually appealing and easy to handle. Key features include its digital display for monitoring performance and battery life, and a range of attachments including the Mini Motorized Tool for precise cleaning.

The Samsung Jet 75 digital display
The Samsung Jet 75 digital display

The vacuum's design is complemented by a user-friendly dustbin mechanism for hygienic disposal. These features, combined with its versatility for use on various surfaces, make the Jet 75 a standout choice for convenient and effective home cleaning.


While the Samsung Jet 75 offers powerful cleaning capabilities, its design does consider weight. This vacuum might be on the heavier side compared to lighter models, which is a key factor for users who need easy handling, especially in larger homes or spaces with stairs. The balance between its robust features and the weight is an important aspect to consider for overall experience.

As we always say though, one thing to consider with weight is that heavier vacuums will naturally push into the carpet, which means the brush head will have a more thorough clean against carpets.


The Samsung is equipped with a flexible, swivel head that allows for easy navigation around furniture and tight corners. This agility makes it suitable for cleaning various spaces, from open floors to cluttered rooms.

Samsung Jet 75's brush head is easy to navigate
Samsung Jet 75's brush head is easy to navigate

Our kitchen is a bit of a labyrinth of corners, nooks, large base stools, and all sorts of tricky edges. In our testing the Samsung handled really well here, and its brush head was easy to navigate through.

Battery Life

Notable for its extended battery life, the Samsung Jet 75 offers up to 60 minutes of cleaning time on a single charge. This iis particularly advantageous for larger homes or thorough cleaning sessions, reducing the need for frequent recharging.

Comparing to other cordless vacuums 60 minutes is a very good run time, but given the excellent suction of the Samsung it's even more impressive.

The consistent power output across the battery life ensures uninterrupted cleaning performance, making it a reliable choice for maintaining cleanliness and efficiency.

The Facts

Power 200
Battery Run Time 60 minutes
Charge Time 3 hours
Weight 2.8KG
Capacity/Dust Box 0.8 Litres
Noise Level 57 dB
Good for Pets? ✔️
Additional Tools 5

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The Samsung Jet 75 Pet cordless vacuum cleaner stands out for its robust suction power and features for pet hair removal. Its ergonomic design, digital display, and convenient dustbin mechanism enhance the whole experience.

The vacuum's extended battery life and consistent power output are key advantages. However, its weight may affect maneuverability and handling, especially in larger spaces or for prolonged use.

Price - obviously - is a bit factor. The Samsung is on the high end of the spectrum, but is it worth it? We think so.

Overall, the Jet 75 combines power, technology, and design, making it a strong contender in the cordless vacuum market.