What type of vacuum cleaner is best?

We often see people getting into confusion as they try to purchase a new vacuum cleaner. There are numerous options to consider out there in the market and finding the perfect product out of them is indeed a challenge. However, the following factors can help you to get a basic idea on how to go through different vacuum cleaners available for purchase and settle down with the best product for you. There's no one-size-fits-all vacuum for everyone, so be sure to take recommendations from friends and family with a little pinch of salt, as their circumstances may very well differ from yours.

Find out the right type of vacuum cleaner

The very first thing you should be mindful about is the type of vacuum cleaner that you need to purchase. As we said earlier; everyone's requirements are different, so picking the right type of vacuum is step 1 in ensuring you don't end up with something difficult to use.

Here are the options available to consider.

Upright vacuum cleaners

Your traditional vacuum cleaned is known as an upright vacuum. These are generally around 4ft tall, with a wide, flat base usually either square or rectangular with the motor and 'container' (either a bag or a plastic container) on the body of the vacuum that sits upright.

Traditional upright vacuum cleaner
Traditional upright vacuum cleaner

Upright vacuum cleaners are not as expensive as other vacuum types. They offer a deep cleaning experience. Storing an upright vacuum cleaner would not be a challenge for you as well. However, these are not the most portable vacuum cleaners that you can buy and can sometimes be difficult to lug upstairs.

Canister vacuum cleaners

A canister vacuum is one with a few names, often called a "Drum vacuum" due to the fact that the larger ones are shaped like a large drum (think of the orange VAX drum from the 80s and 90s, or the Henry range of vacuums). Canister/drum vacuums don't usually have the same issues with space or weight to worry about in their design because they're on wheels. This usually leads to a good quality vacuum, and often used in commercial cleaning. The downside is storage and they're often difficult to carry up stairs.

The traditional VAX drum
The traditional VAX drum

There are smaller versions of canister vacuums though, which are easier to store and carry. The downsides to these is usually a lack of suction power, more so than a similarly sized upright or cordless vacuum.

Canister vacuum cleaners are ideal for bare floors, large areas, and spaces that you have under furniture. These vacuum cleaners are quite flexible and portable. On the other hand, you can get a quiet operation out of them. You will be able to use a canister vacuum cleaner for cleaning upholstery and drapes as well.

Cordless stick vacuum cleaners

A cordless stick vacuums are the new modern standard. Comprising of a main body, which is usually (not always though) high up near the operators hand which consists the dirt container, motor and battery and then a long stick to the floor.

Dyson V8 was the defacto cordless vacuum for a long time
Dyson V8 was the defacto cordless vacuum for a long time

Latest cordless stick vacuum cleaners would not compromise the performance that you get. You will be able to experience the freedom of not being tied up to a cord when you are using a one. These vacuum cleaners require less storage space as well. Hence, storing a cordless stick vacuum cleaner would be easier than a traditional vacuum cleaner.

Downsides to a cordless vacuum are the battery life, and in a weird kind of way, the portability... although they're cordless and smaller, many of the designs have the weight of the vacuum at the top of the stick, meaning they require some strength to operate. This is both a positive and a negative, depending on your requirements.

The cordless vacuum market is far more complicated than your traditional upright or canister/drum vacuums. That's why we decided to write reviews for the most popular cordless vacuums available.

If you're at all unsure, try one out!

Corded stick vacuum cleaners

Similar to upright vacuum cleaners, corded stick vacuum cleaners have tall bodies as well as handles. However, they come with a lightweight design, and you will be able to maneuver with ease. You will not have to bend in order to clean floors when you use this kind of a vacuum cleaner. They are quite affordable as well.

Take a look at the features

It is a good idea to take a look at the features before you settle down with a vacuum cleaner. Latest vacuum cleaners in the market come along with the most innovative features. You can go for a vacuum cleaner with a motorized brush if there is a need to clean carpets. You will be able to deactivate the brush with the help of a switch, which will protect your bare flooring while you clean them. We also encourage you to go for a vacuum cleaner that offers pile-height adjustment control manually. Then you will be able to protect delicate fabrics as you clean them.

Bagged vacuum cleaners vs bagless vacuum cleaners

If you can purchase a bagless vacuum cleaner, you will be able to stay away from the hassle of purchasing bags regularly. It will help you to save money in the long run. However, bagless vacuum cleaners would need to be cleaned regularly. You will have to replace the HEPA filters regularly as well.

Generally speaking our recommendation would be to go with bagless. It's becoming increasingly more rare to find bagged vacuum cleaners simply because it's not a pleasant experience to have to empty the bags, it increases the running costs substantially and it's far worse for the environment.

Be mindful about noise levels

Some vacuum cleaners can be loud. This is why you should be mindful about the noise levels of the vacuum cleaners as well. For example, the upright vacuum cleaners are going to buy noisy. This would be a disturbance to your neighbours, especially if you are living in an apartment. Depending on where you live an your preferences, you can go for a vacuum cleaner with the right noise level.

Again, this is down to your specific circumstances - what works for one person might not work for the next. If you have neighbours in close proximity then of course a loud vacuum is less preferable, but the noise comes from the motor. A loud motor is usually more powerful, so you get better suction. A quiet vacuum often lacks suction. It is possible to get quiet and powerful vacuums, but that comes at a price.

Be mindful about the price

You should not ignore the price when you try to purchase a vacuum cleaner. Different types of vacuum cleaners are priced at different tiers. You need to find the best vacuum cleaner out there for the amount that you can afford.

Cordless vacuums are usually at the higher end of the pricing, purely because a lot of the cost is in the battery itself, as well as energy-saving technology to ensure that battery lasts as long as possible.

Try out the vacuum cleaner before you buy

We encourage you to try out the vacuum cleaner before you purchase it. Then you will be able to decide whether the vacuum cleaner is ideal for you or not. However, it would not be possible when you try to get the vacuum cleaner online. This is why we encourage you to go through the product reviews in detail. Then you can figure out the experience that the vacuum cleaner can offer you. Make sure that you keep all the above-mentioned facts in mind as you go through the reviews or try out vacuum cleaners, so that you can end up with getting the best results at the end of the day.